Kathy did a fantastic job of explaining and then allowing time for practice.  She is an excellent trainer!
Participant, Albuquerque Public Schools Training

I found Kathy to be an excellent curriculum and content developer whose talent for detail, understanding her audience and knowledge of technology to be indispensable. Kathy is able to craft solutions independently and in the team environment, graciously sharing her comprehensive knowledge of teaching and learning.
Promethean Colleague

Kathy’s dedication and enthusiasm for learning and developing curriculum produced the core of content creation for the team. Her attention to detail and every aspect of training bring success to all trainings and large implementations for Promethean.
Promethean Supervisor

Kathy is a quality team member - forthright in providing information, sharing ideas, and producing effective course materials.
Promethean Colleague

Yesterday's training went very well.  Kathy, the science materials were superb!  The teachers loved them.  It helped them solidify in their understanding how they could use this in their classroom.  The chemistry teacher loved knowing how to make a subscript and a superscript using the text tool...she said that one piece of info made her day.  I truly loved being there yesterday and felt it was a very successful day for their development with this software.  They were very appreciative.
Promethean Contract Trainer